[Captured Flaws]

Tuesday, August 26


Friday, November 16

16th November 2007

The Day I got a new camera.

Thursday, October 4

Waiting For Time

My brother and sister make excellent experiment subjects :)


Friday, September 21

Your memory is with me.

I am not going to be Depressed anymore. He deserves better.

So, I've decided to continue posting pictures, in his memory, until I get a new camera..

Get ready for some of Sallu's works some personal favourites :) *hugs imaginary ghost of Sallu*

(OK I'm really losing it now..)

Memorial posting starts tomorrow.

Thursday, September 20

Attention, proletariats..er, people! *wipes a tear*

Here's what happened.

Er. You see, this isn't very easy for me, but here it goes anyway. *deep breath*

Friday, the Fifteenth of September: I went to Forum with my sister and two friends to meet up with this extremely brilliant artist, and a sugoi guy Babrus Khan, so he could tell us about the project Corruption. They are looking for people who are interested (sriptwriters, actors, photographers, comic artists). Not professionals, but simply ordinary people who want to work for it. So yes, this is one of the most exciting things that has happened lately and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am... anyway, the meet-up went great, and the project sounds so interesting it is making the little people in my head do cartwheels at the very thought.

I take my camera with me everywhere. (You know what's coming don't you?)

When I got home from there.. I opened my bag, and..

Did not find my camera. I still haven't found my camera.

Moment of Silence.

Moment of Silence Over.

Whether it was stolen, or lost, or I dropped it (I honestly would not be able to forgive myself for that) does not matter.What matters is that my photographing needs become more famished by the day, and ... without my camera, I cannot define myself. Any ideas for a convenient alternative? AND it's my last year in school :(

I was depressed for two days straight, my mind was a labyrinth of lost hopes and "but must take this picture.." and I'm still suffering. You can read my daily blog for a detailed account of my attachment with that wonder, Sallu (as it was named, and no, not Sallu as in Salman or anything like that).

So yes, photography has been put on a major hold right now. And I do feel empty.

Please sympathise. <3 you always, Sallu. Sorry.

Saturday, September 1

DeviantArt account!

I have finally made a DeviantArt account!

No, I will not stop updating this blog, but I will definitely be putting up my photographs, as well as other art, on this account so check it out.


Wednesday, August 1


"Somewhere in this Darkness
there's a light that I can't find
Maybe it's too far away
maybe I'm just blind."

This is as close I've come to a self portrait, I think. Photoshop editing gives fake glossiness to pictures but pfffft it's just too tempting. I still try and keep it to minimum. TRY.

Saturday, July 14


There's a place in the dark where the animals go,
You can take off your skin in the cannibal glow.

[note:- This is the first picture in my series of my brother's photographs - err, experiments :P]

Tuesday, July 10

Connecting Faith

Monday, July 9

I Dream, II Don't Speak, III Stalker, IV Reflect

More. Yeah, I'm often the subject in some photographs. That's mostly because very few people are willing to pose (HINT.). A word about the second one: YEA I KNOW I LOOK RETARDED. Other than that, should I remove the pink me, because I have been suggested to do so? [edit: I have removed the pink me].

[click for larger views. The last one reads: I don't trust reflections].

Sunday, July 8


I don't play my guitar a lot anymore. This picture means more, then. [click for a larger view]

Friday, July 6


[This one is currently my wallpaper - click for a larger view :D]


[That is me. Two different pictures on either side of the black line. Click for a larger view]


I've been doing something new with my pictures. The ones that don't turn out all that great, just a bit of editing in Photoshop and I've discovered they can be made more expressive.

Good wallpapers too! Click for a larger view. This one was taken at Sheraton. Will put up rest.

Monday, July 2


"Between the lines of Fear and Blame
You begin to wonder why you came"

[Qurrat: Late update, I know, but blogger picture uploader was giving me trouble. Pffffft]